Women are the Icing on the Cake of Creation

I’m about to share a truth about marriage that blew my mind. I think it will blow yours too. Even better, I think it will change the way you think about the impact you have as a woman and a wife.

This mind-blowing moment came from the book, Twelve Extraordinary Women by John MacArthur. I’ve already posted about this book here, but it’s a book full of good stuff so I had to talk about it again!

The Woman of Creation: Eve

The first thing that pops into my head about Eve is original sin, not the significance of womanhood.

Man and woman were both created by God, in His image (Gen. 1:27). Their respective creations however were very different. Everything was formed out of the ground (man, plants, and creatures), but woman was not (Gen.2:7, 9, and 19)!

This seriously blew my mind. I never paused on these facts before, though I had read them over and over. This is why I love Bible studies!

Woman’s creation was one-of-a-kind. Never had God created a living thing the way in which He created Eve.


The Icing

Adam was made first and named all the creatures. Through the eyes of the world, whoever gets there first, wins. That’s not how God works. His timing is significant. Woman was made exactly when God wanted her made.

Eve wasn’t made from the dust of the ground, however…she was made last. This order of creation makes me think of… cake.

The cake is made with its own ingredients and layered, bottom and top, like earth and mankind. The icing is made differently, out of totally different ingredients. Is it cake without icing? No! That would be weird. The icing makes the cake so much sweeter and even holds it together.

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The Cake

This outstanding fact is the underpinning of marriage. Women make men a little sweeter by softening their hearts. Have you ever seen one man give another man flowers? But a man will go out of his way to buy them for his wife. When a wife smiles at her husband, he can’t help but smile back. When one man smiles at another man, somebody is about to get pranked!

“…but for Adam there was not found a helper comparable to him” (Gen. 2:20). In all of Creation, nothing was comparable to Adam, so for this reason Eve was created. Eve was created from man, for man and brought to man by God.

She was hand delivered. God deemed that Adam needed Eve.

How does this apply to you?

God created your husband and a unique plan for his life. Knowing exactly what your husband needed, He then created you.


Women wear many important hats, but one of the most important is that of helpmate. This is not a popular idea in culture. Feminists balk at it.

I once bought the lie that men and women were the same, maybe women were even better. This lie, that I was somehow in competition with men, created an unhappy, discontented and angry existence. Instead of focusing on my Calling, I focused on achievement and comparison. So duh, I was miserable.

Feminism and marriage don’t mix.

I lived that out. It doesn’t work. That’s part of the reason we were headed for divorce so very long ago.

If both spouses try to be in charge, no one is. When women don’t allow (yep, I used the word “allow”) men to be the God-ordained head of the household, then we, as women, stand in their way of being what God made and called them to be.

What kind of woman needs to run over people and dictate to feel significant? No one’s significance lies in power, but fruitfulness.

The Icing on Creation

Do you see the significance and uniqueness of the Creation of you? The importance of your calling?

Stand tall ladies! Even if you are wearing pajamas, covered in baby food, with a pile of clean clothes towering over you that begs to be folded, you are profoundly significant!

Called to help men become their very best while simultaneously building up and shepherding the next generation, we biblical women rock!

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8 thoughts on “Women are the Icing on the Cake of Creation

    1. dana Post author

      Thank you Heather! What a wonderful compliment! ❤️❤️❤️
      Now every time you see icing on a cake, you’ll remember how fantastic you are!

  1. Valerie

    Great post, Dana! I enjoyed it. Just like Heather above, I love your analogy of women as the icing on the cake!! Love it!!

    1. dana Post author

      Thanks Valerie! I so appreciate you stopping to comment and encourage me. ❤️ Enjoy being the sweetest icing. Love ya!

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