Why I Live a Holistically Healthy Life

Why am I so passionate about all this holistic health stuff anyway? Don’t I have enough to do?!

Ah. That’s the point.

I was once malnourished, overweight, hopelessly sick, depressed, selfish and self-centered…generally miserable! Because, when garbage goes in, garbage comes out.

My Broken Body

God created the human body with basic needs. I knew a few: water, exercise, sleep and nutritious food. But how could I function at my best in deprivation? I didn’t.

My Broken Mind

Luke 11:34 states that what you consume with your eyes affects your mind. Sensorial consumption creates temptation which leads to sin, such as material goods we cannot afford, relationships that aren’t real, false doctrine and outright lies.

I wasn’t discerning and garbage crept in.

My Broken Spirit

I harbored anger, resentment, discontent, lack of forgiveness and envy. That would make anybody miserable! Carrying that garbage around with me was an act of futility.

My life was out of balance.

Matthew 21:21 says to me the insurmountable will become conquered through God. Matthew goes on to point out my job. Ask. You see I hated the insanity but couldn’t find my way out…because I didn’t ask.

Now I could have asked for a great many super awesome things. Housekeeper. Winning lottery ticket. One way trip to Fiji.

Notice how those things don’t fix problems. They just help escape them. I have found great strength in my God, so I no longer feel the need to run from my problems.

I conquer them through Christ.

Admittedly, I wrestled with God for quite a few years. I was strong-willed, prideful, and self-righteous.

God body slammed me with the Truth. I argued. The struggle within created weariness and the weariness quieted me so I could listen. Listening made me repent. Humorous how God used the very attitudes that stood in the way to get me to shut up! Don’t you love God’s sense of humor and irony?

Within my struggle, God taught me balance. Body, mind and soul.

So,…why am I so excited to share with you holistic health? Because I believe there’s no better way to be healthy!

We are all a little broken.

That’s okay. It’s what makes us human. The brokenness, however, creates imbalance. This needs to be addressed and requires prayer.

What area of your life is the weakest? Is God calling you to make changes or simply refocus your energy on the things that matter?

Take time to prayerfully consider where you need more balance.

Once you’ve asked, expect to receive. Matt 7:7.

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    1. dana Post author

      Agree. It’s like the smallest distraction …and POOF! I’ve found when I form daily habits, it develops this internal “hey, I think I forgot something today”.
      Thanks for stopping by! Love you.

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