When the Vessel of You is Poured Out

Are you a dry vessel, poured out? Do you give and do for everyone in your life but find nothing fills the barren places?

Your husband kisses you goodbye in the morning, your youngster cuddles while you read him a book, and even your teenager hinted at a faint glint of happiness today. Is that all a mom needs…a cursory show of gratitude?

Does your volunteer work or job pour a little something into you? Is that all a mom needs, accomplishments?

Maybe all a mom needs is a cookie…or a new pair of shoes.

I longed for emotional fullness. Nothing I grasped at made me whole. No self-help book, job well-done, praise, shopping spree, food, not even a hug from my husband or kid. All those things were great, yet momentary. What my sweet boy poured into me with a simple hug, evaporated within hours. I needed more. “Thanks for dinner, babe,” didn’t last past the dishwashing.

It was difficult for me to be a mom, wife, friend, and volunteer while I ached for … something. The ache made me angry and frustrated, stealing any chance of joy. I cried a lot.

I grasped for all the wrong things. So I let them go.

I let go of the accolades. The illusion that a job, paid or volunteer, could bring depth or purpose to my life was insecure. Jobs came and went. Volunteer work often goes unnoticed, so does daily housekeeping. Praise from co-workers, friends and family turned into a drop of water on a parched desert floor.

I let go of material things. Stuffing my face with a bottomless bag of chocolate chip muffins never satisfied. The pleasure vanished faster than the trip from the bakery. The mind-numbing idiot-box became an escape. Shopping disappointed.

I let go of my expectations. I expected my husband to understand my longing and do something about it. Friends and acquaintances only shared their triumphs, not their struggles. The façade of other people’s lives left me believing their well-spring was better than mine.

By letting go of all of these pitiful substitutes, I could now receive Living Water. I was looking outward to fill me inwardly when all along I should have been looking up.

Each morning began with God’s Word. His Word revealed His promises. Understanding the depth of His love for me, changed everything (Eph. 3:18-19). His purpose for my life was made clear. I was bought at a price … and worthy, called to something so much more unimaginable than I could hope.

I struggled in the desert for no reason at all! Now, no matter what, my cup will never be dry. That is the power of Jesus Christ!

My overflowing cup not only filled me, but poured out onto everything around me. My marriage and mothering improved. Abilities and spiritual gifts emerged to give to family and friends that I never had before.

Is your vessel poured out and dry? Are you grasping at the external for a drop of something lasting?

Let me encourage you!

First, recognize the poor substitutes in your life. Make a list. Are yours anything like mine were?

Second, replace them with the real thing … every day. When your cup needs filling don’t reach for a cookie, reach for your Bible study or that great book by Nancy Leigh DeMoss. Call one of your biblical friends. Pray.

Jesus desires to fill your soul to fullness, let go of the poor substitutes (Rom. 5:5).

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