The Third Super, Simple Step to Health and Wellness: Sleep and Purpose

“At the beginning of any journey, you must set out in the right direction to reach your destination,” Dr. Charles Stanley.

30 Life Principles by Dr. Charles Stanley is a workbook that walks you through a study of God’s Word to help you prioritize your life, focus on your purpose and find peace and rest.

SleepThe Third Super, Simple Step to Health & Wellness:  Sleep and Purpose

What keeps you up at night?

  • Stress
  • Hurt feelings
  • A difficult situation
  • Your kids
  • Your spouse’s job
  • Your job
  • Money
  • Loss
  • Illness

Learn in 30 Life Principles how God has been faithful in the past and, by living in His Will, He will be faithful to keep His promises. Your sleepless nights could be a lack of trusting God to meet your needs.

Sufficiency, Prayer, Obedience

Perhaps you struggle with self-sufficiency. You plan on solving all your own problems. But you don’t know where those trials will ultimately take you. Or even why you are experiencing them in the first place.

Prayer provides answers. It leads you to making good choices so you can accomplish your purpose. But perhaps your prayer life is unproductive.

Obedience is a result of a productive prayer life. How can you be obedient, if you don’t spend time with God, in prayer and in His Word, to find out what He is asking you to do? Perhaps a lack of obedience is really what keeps you up at night.

Purpose and Sleep

Look at all you do as a mom! From the time you get up, to the time you go to bed, you’re working hard!

The piles of laundry and dirty dishes aren’t what your life is really about though. But what is your purpose, where’s all that work taking you?

Maybe you are in a season of littles, or teenagers or an empty nest. Whatever season you’re in, it has purpose. So how do you know you’re getting the best out of that season? How do you know what your overall purpose is?

“They will not labor in vain…” Isaiah 65:23

Dr. Stanley states, “You reap what you sow, more than you sow, and later than you sow.” This speaks so well to Biblical motherhood. The sowing and planting are exhausting for decades. But when our focus is on our true purpose, we will as mothers reap much more than we sowed! What a great testimony to your seasons of motherhood.

This workbook will guide you through finding your priorities through understanding your purpose.

“I press toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.” Phil. 3:14

Self-sufficiency, an unproductive prayer life, and a lack of obedience, clouds your purpose.

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