The Lies You Are Told About What Healthy Is, and What It’s Costing You

I’ve asked many a mom, “Do you eat healthy?”

“Yes!” they usually answer.

But when I ask what they ate for dinner last night or breakfast this morning, they are actually NOT eating healthy at all!

What if some of the “food” you eat isn’t really food at all or worse. What if what you don’t eat is part of why you don’t feel your best?

What if what you eat or don’t eat, is part of the reason you are:

  • Tired
  • Struggling with your weight
  • Can’t remember where you put your phone
  • Depressed or anxious
  • Suffering from headaches or migraines
  • Constipated
  • Struggling with diarrhea
  • Cramping from gas pain
  • Bloated

What if what your kids eat or don’t eat, contributes to their lack of focus, or why they get sick multiple times a year, or why their stomach often seems upset or why they suffer from allergies?

Have Hope

I’m about to help you find out what healthy really means! And, how to apply really simple steps to become healthy, so you and your family will start to feel and be their very best!

First let’s dispel some of the lies you are sold on what healthy is.

Then let me tell you about the super simple steps I’ve developed to get you and your family from feeling blah to awesome!

The Lies and the Costs

Myth #1: There’s a cereal out there that can lower cholesterol.Myth Busting

What this cereal company, or any other seller of processed foods, NEVER tells you is that their claims could NEVER work without you doing something else. For instance, this “cholesterol lowering cereal” only works if you eat three cups a day and eat a reduced calorie diet.

FACT: Food companies make all kinds of health claims but usually don’t disclose ALL the relevant information.

Myth #2: Processed food is just as healthy as whole food, because chemical vitamins are in them.

For the love of nature! This isn’t even close to being true!

FACT: God created human bodies and the necessary nutrients that go in them. What is conjured in a lab will always be inferior to the original.

Why eat second-rate food?!

Your family is awesome and should be eating the best you can afford, from the source…nature.

FACT: God fashioned each and every piece of food for mankind in such a unique way that man himself could NEVER come close to its nutritional value.

Myth #3: The choices you make today won’t affect you tomorrow.

FACT: The choices you made yesterday are already affecting you today.

Now What?

Let me speak the truth into you mom, YOU have the power to take yourself and your family from blah to awesome.

Just imagine it….

Every morning you wake up refreshed. You are thinking so clearly, you remember to pray over your day. Then when the kids jump into bed with you, you pray over their day too! You walk into your kitchen that is stocked with healthy goodness for your family to choose from for breakfast. You don’t need coffee to function. The kids’ school day is productive because they can focus. They retain and learn more because their little bodies are getting all the nutrients they need to do the many jobs they have each day. You feel awesome, so you’re productive and even a little organized! You feel positive about yourself and you know what God is calling you to do. Dinner is healthy and good. The family spends some time together then everyone is off for a good night’s sleep.

Own this image. This is so doable! I know you think I’m delusional right now. But I DID THIS! And you can too!  I’m going to show you how to do it in such simple, easy steps; you can’t help but be successful!

The Super, Simple Steps to Health and Wellness

First, getting healthy is NOT about the scale. Seriously, stop weighing yourself. We don’t even own a scale at our house.

Second, getting healthy is NOT about deprivation. Once you really understand what your body needs, and what the little bodies you care for needs, you won’t do anything but choose well.

Third, in just 30 days you will achieve a new level of wellness for you and your family! A level of wellness that your whole family sees and feels!

All of this won’t happen overnight. But anything worth doing takes some time and work. We are going to move in baby steps.

You are so going to do this!

And, to make this even easier, I’ll be starting the Mom Be Well Accountability Group on my Facebook Page. This group will be a place where I and other moms can help you take these super, simple steps and apply them. I’ll also stop by to answer questions.

Click here to follow me on Facebook to join the Accountability Group. Click here to subscribe to Mom Be Well because next time, I will give you the first Super, Simple Step to Health and Wellness…and you won’t believe how easy it is!

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