Super, Simple Steps to Health and Wellness: Healthy Living Mindset

Are you struggling to get healthy? Do you feel guilty when you know you aren’t? You have great intentions to get healthy but you miss your mark sometimes. Maybe you miss them a lot. Welcome to humanity! No one gets it right every time.

My health journey has lasted for over 15 years. I didn’t get it right the first time…or the second or the third. As a matter of fact, I sometimes still go flying face first into a bag of potato chips then drown them in dip. But we aren’t failures, we’re just human. No one is perfect.

Healthy Living Mindset #1: Grace

We aren’t going to drink 60% of our body weight in water everyday. We got distracted, we forgot to fill our pitcher, we ignored the alarms or maybe it was just one of those days.Super, Simple Steps to Health and Wellness Grace

We aren’t going to remember to do our sleep routine every night for the same reasons. We got distracted, went out with the girls, or had a sick kid.

So why even try?

Because YOU’RE the mom!

As your family sees you making better choices to achieve healthy living, something interesting happens. Not overnight, but eventually, everyone else begins to follow you.

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Don’t hang on to your “failures”. Teach your family that health and wellness is a journey. Yep, we sometimes make mistakes and bad choices. Sometimes we really bomb and eat half a tray of brownies! Over time though, you’ll bomb less and less. Then all of a sudden, you’re nailing this healthy stuff!

Picture it…

Your idea of healthy is making brownies out of sweet potatoes and only using fruit or stevia as a sweetener because you are knowledgeable about the health risks of sugar. Walking through the grocery store is no longer a battle of the wills between yourself and the cookie aisle. Your kids begin to ask, “Is this organic?” as they walk through the produce department with you, helping you pick out what vegetables they’ll eat for dinner.

Will life be perfect? Mercy no! Don’t ever again listen to the idiot who told you that lie. Facebook posts claim otherwise, but no one is conquering healthy, or life for that matter, every single day.

Have grace for your bad choices when your intentions are good. You bombed breakfast, so make lunch awesomely healthy! You went out with the girls and totally didn’t share your dessert. Eat well tomorrow.

Grace isn’t an excuse to make bad choices. But if you’ve decided to be healthy, then commit to it.

Healthy Living Mindset #2: Baby Steps

Getting healthy is a journey, not a quick trip through the drive-thru. Let me help you conquer this journey by providing a few baby steps.Super, Simple Steps to Health and Wellness Baby Steps

Problem: You found it difficult to drink your 60%.

Solution: Start with 40% of your body weight in water. Then the next week, drink 50%. Then the next week drink 60%. It doesn’t matter that it took you 3 weeks to reach the full amount. The point is to get there!

Coaching Tip: Write the percentage on your calendar or planner each week. Put it on each day of the week. Better yet, schedule it. Scheduling makes things happen. And when you schedule it, associate it with something. So for instance, you’re a homeschool mom. Every time you teach a subject you have scheduled that day, drink a glass of water. Time to send the kids out to play? Drink a glass of water. Sit down to scroll through Facebook? Drink a glass of water.

Problem: Your pre-filled pitcher of water is still full, and it’s 5pm.

Solution: My husband is a former Marine. He taught me this great saying the Marine Corps has, “No plan survives first contact with the enemy.” Water is NOT your enemy, but something else surely is! Find out what it is.

Are you:

  • Overscheduled
  • Distracted by social media
  • Going through the day by the seat of your pants with no stated intention
  • Really not committed to getting healthy

If you are really serious about this getting healthy stuff, it’s time to get serious about your obstacles…and overcoming them.

That’s why this 30 part series is called Super, Simple Steps to Health and Wellness. You can overcome any obstacle to being healthy. I’m going to coach and help you through them all. Then you’ll be empowered to change your family.

Your Super, Simple Mindset Goal

Make a list of all the obstacles that are keeping you from getting healthy and reaching your goals. Next to each obstacle, write your plan to overcome it. If you’re struggling, post them on the Mom, Be Well FB page so I, and the community, can help you overcome them.


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5 thoughts on “Super, Simple Steps to Health and Wellness: Healthy Living Mindset

  1. Heather

    Isn’t this the truth? We need to give ourselves grace! I have often said that you can save yourself a lot of frustration in the health and fitness journey if you realize that you never fully arrive (this side of heaven). But I love how you say that we shouldn’t give up, because we are the mom! Our better choices are for something bigger than ourselves! Love it, Dana. Thanks for the inspiration today! 🙂

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