Sugar Hates You, the Why and How of Replacing It

Seriously…sugar hates you. The added sugar in your morning cereal or yogurt, that seemingly healthy store-bought smoothie, and those cookies you picked up from the bakery, all seem great…while you’re eating them.

Of course you want to:

  • build and support a healthy body
  • be energized
  • glow with beautiful skin
  • maintain a healthy weight

That added sugar is holding you back; it’s dragging you down. That hater is stopping you from losing weight, ravaging your skin, setting you up for insulin resistance that ultimately causes diabetes, and keeping your body in a state of mild inflammation (that will one day lead to dis-ease).

No pill or program can get you there. You need one simple thing.

A trade-off.

Last time, I talked about the daily recommended maximum allowance of added sugar. You can begin to have all those great things I listed above by simply trading added sugar for flavor. I’m not suggesting you give something up for nothing. Friends don’t do that to each other. I’m suggesting you trade for something better!

Here’s the good news, you don’t need added sugar. You can replace it with something nourishing to your body! The food God created for us is perfect just as it is – no processed sugar needed. We’ve all been eating processed, added sugar for so long; our God-given palettes have been altered. We can’t taste and see that it is good. This industrialized garbage has stolen God’s gift from all of us.

Take it back.

The Why

Let’s compare processed sugar that we consider flavor to real flavor and its benefits.

Flavor versus Sugar

The How

Taste the joy of real sea salt, fresh and dried herbs and spices combined with the bounty of the earth! God’s gifts nourish our bodies while processed sugar slowly kills us.

Did you know that by adding sea salt to a dish that’s already sweetened, you can make it taste better?

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Did you try this recipe? If not, try it as is, then make it again but add a ¼ teaspoon of salt and maybe subtract ½ tablespoon of honey or chocolate chips. Adding sea salt makes everything taste better.

The same goes for herbs and spices. Start experimenting. Add a little rosemary and thyme to your chicken, and parsley to your roasted potatoes. The possibilities are endless!

Below is my personal herbal blend recipe to help you add “herby” to your life.

Italian Herb Seasoning

Replacing the Hater in your House

Have you checked the sugar content of the food in your pantry? What about the fridge?

  1. During your next visit to the grocery store, search out products that contain less sugar or no sugar compared to your usual purchase. Just be sure to avoid artificial sweeteners and high fructose corn syrup.
  2. Don’t give sugar crack a ride home with you. Think about it…you are spending hard-earned money on a substance that will, or already is, causing dis-ease.
  3. Skip the cookie aisle. You round the corner at the grocery store and end up face to face with shelves and shelves of sweet treats. Keep walking girl, right into the Produce Department. There’s nothing sweeter than the burst of fruit juice from ripe grapes or a cantaloupe as sweet as honey. Fruit is full of natural sugar balanced with fiber. I’m not recommending you eat fruit all day, what I am recommending is that you replace added sugar with fruit.

Listen, I get it. Sugar tastes great. I can’t argue with that. But to slowly destroy your health for momentary and fleeting pleasure is a bad trade-off.

The more often you choose to eat this way, the more inclined your body becomes to healthy food and real God-made flavors! In other words, you are re-programming your taste buds. Your body will thank you for it!

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