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Have you ever seen bewildered women standing in the hair care aisle of Wal-Mart? Have you noticed the insane number of hair care products on the shelves?! Do you have any idea how much money you spend on that stuff?

Once upon a time, I too was a bewildered Wal-Mart shopper. Reading ingredient lists and product claims in hopes of taming my course, dry, curly hair, I bought serums, conditioners, deep conditioners, moisturizing shampoo, gels, mouse, and finishing creams. After using all those products my hair would either be crunchy or still frizzy!

We won’t talk about how much money I spent…

As I began my holistic health journey, I read about the questionable chemicals in the products I purchased. Basically I paid companies a lot of money to allow me to put chemicals on myself. That made me mad.

So I fired those companies! Then I started looking for hair care replacement products.

Now that I’ve made the switch, my hair is so healthy, when I wake up in the morning it doesn’t look like a monkey tried to do my hair. Though my morning hair lacks perfection, with a little jojoba oil, my hair is done. Yes, you read that right. “Doing my hair” no longer requires a huge chunk of my day. More time for Jesus!

Shampoo: Diluted or undiluted Dr. Bonner’s liquid castile soap. If you read my post about skin care, yep, same stuff. You can also dilute for skin care.

The dilution can be 50% or less of water combined with the soap. Do whatever works for you! You create your own natural personal products.

I do not wash my hair every day. Washing strips the oil out. This in turn makes my skin produce more oil, and then I just end up with dry hair and an oily scalp.

If my hair smells bad, I wash it. If I’ve been sweating, I wash it. Otherwise, I skip the wash.

If my scalp feels dry because I haven’t been drinking enough water, I use conditioner like soap. Massaging it in, but not rinsing out. If you have fine hair, you might find you need to rinse. The conditioner may weigh your hair down. But for those with curly hair, like mine, it tames the frizz.

Conditioner: This is the one product I don’t have time to make. If you also choose to buy conditioner, read the label, the fewer the ingredients and number of weird chemicals, the better.

Aubrey® is the brand I use. It’s fairly inexpensive and contains mostly natural ingredients.

Jojoba oil: On days I don’t wash my hair, I pour about a quarter (coin) size of oil in the palm of my hand and add an essential oil (whatever I’m in the mood for), rub my hands together and massage into my scalp, wiping the remaining on the ends of my hair. Again, if you have fine hair, use less.

Moroccan oil is also great, but it’s expensive. Jojoba oil costs less. You can use any oil you like, such as olive oil or coconut oil. I’ve just found jojoba oil to be lighter.

My entire hair care system consists of three products and essential oils! Seriously. I love simple. Don’t you?

Lastly, notice I don’t sweat the fact I buy some of my personal products. You shouldn’t either. Holistic health isn’t extreme. Do a little at a time and do what you can.

Be sure to share below what works for you!

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