Mindfulness & Essential Oils – Aromatherapy 102

Choosing essential oils can be confusing and overwhelming. Let me walk you through a simple mindfulness process to help you begin your essential oil journey. You’ll be experimenting with success in no time!

Diffusing creates a wonderful introduction. Recall from last week’s post that diffusing comes in many forms. Use the ones that work for you and your budget.

Essential oil (EO) use is personal. Why? Biochemical Individuality, which means that each of us are genetically unique, prone to specific diseases of body systems and exposed to different environmental factors. In other words we all differ in mind, body and spirit. We are fearfully and wonderfully made, every hair counted!

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I suggested two EO’s to use in Aromatherapy 101, lavender and lemon.

Did you like lemon? Did you like lavender? Why or why not? Pay attention to how you felt when you diffused a particular EO! This is important.

For example, I’m not a flowery kinda girl, so most flower EO’s, like lavender, palma rose and geranium, are off-putting to me. Someone else, however, may love them! This difference reiterates biochemical individuality.


Mindfulness guides you in the direction of the EO’s that work specifically for you. Diffusing EO’s without thought loses the potential effects of aromatherapy. What do I mean by “mindfulness”? It just means being aware and totally in the moment, soaking up everything in that experience.

Of course, if you have at least one kid, one dog and one husband (I recommend just one of these), then this practice takes a little effort. There’s no shame in hiding in the bathroom. I feel your frustration.

While diffusing (wherever that may be…) pay attention to how the aroma makes you feel.






These feelings might be subtle or profound, but that’s the point of experimentation.

EO’s are categorized by aroma. When I smell lemon EO for instance, I smell “fruity” but you may smell “grassy-green”. This goes back to biochemical individuality. It also speaks about your past experiences and any aroma memories attached to them.

For example, when I was pregnant, I would be nauseous at work and head quickly to the bathroom. The bathroom had cans of air freshener that smelled like “red hots”. You remember those, right? That smell always alleviated my nausea.

Now, when I’m feeling nauseous, I diffuse cinnamon bark (Cinnamomum zeylanicum). I tried cinnamon leaf, the effects were not the same.

Cinnamomum zeylanicum safety: This EO is hot and may cause skin and mucous membrane irritation if inhaled directly from the bottle or comes in contact with the skin without adequate dilution. It is also contradicted for pregnancy as it can stimulate the uterus so talk to your doctor before diffusing if pregnant.

Aroma Categories

These are all the EO’s I’ve experimented with and the categories in which I would place them.

Aroma Categories


How do you decide which EO’s to diffuse? Start with the category that appeals to you the most. Be mindful of any feelings they elicit. Then after experimenting with an EO or two in that category, choose another category. The more comfortable and familiar you are with EO’s, the easier it will be to branch out. Soon you’ll have favorites!

Cost Saving Ideas

  1. Ask a friend who already uses EO’s if she has any in the category in which you’d like to experiment. If so ask her if…
    1. She minds letting you smell the bottle.
    2. She would share about 5 drops by putting some in an empty bottle. Essential oil enthusiasts have tons of empty bottles!
    3. She will let you have an empty bottle of the EO you’d like to try (empty bottles aren’t completely empty so they will smell like the EO.)
  2. Go in with a friend and split the cost. Mark the liquid (not the bottle) half-way and divide drop by drop.


I would love for you to share what you’ve tried and what you liked. As you experiment, drop me a comment and share into what Aroma Category you’d put that EO. Can’t wait to hear about everyone’s journey!

2 thoughts on “Mindfulness & Essential Oils – Aromatherapy 102

  1. Heather Lake

    My family loves citrus EO’s. I try to diffuse a citrus blend every morning to get all of us up and going. It is energizing and uplifting for us, gets our brains ready to work. 🙂 Peppermint is a favorite energizer, while lavender is definitely a calming oil for us (bedtime use for sure!). I can’t say enough about Frankincense! It is an amazing oil, especially for the thyroid.

    1. dana Post author

      Me too, I love citrus, peppermint and frankincense! Thank you for sharing how you use EO’s at your house! I definitely want to come and visit your house.

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