Half Truths and Downright Lies

God created everything. So why don’t we live like we believe that? I question how well we really understand the basics of Creation.

I once bought into the lie that science was the only answer for illness. Yes, it has some answers. But is science really all we have?

Follow me for a moment, to examine the basics of Creation and science to uncover the Truth.

God created the earth and all that grows on it for us. (Gen. 1)

Everything our bodies need to thrive was intelligently thought out and provided. For instance, the body needs vitamin C but can’t produce it. It is a water-soluble vitamin, meaning the body cannot store it. We need to consume vitamin C every day. It just so happens a long list of fruits and vegetables contains vitamin C! How important is vitamin C? Google it…

Are you done? Kinda important, right? Not a problem. Have an orange or a bell pepper!

God has you covered! (Gen. 1:29)

The fact that God created all that grows on the earth first, and then He created us, is important in terms of chronology…and holistic health. He knows how our bodies work and therefore how they heal. He went so far as to create our bodies with the ability to heal themselves. Creating the food and botanicals first means He knew we would need them!

We do the same when we are expecting a new baby. We make a list of all the things we and the baby will need: diapers, crib, clothes, breast pump, etc. The items are purchased before the baby arrives.

Science presumes no Creator.

Viewing ourselves and the world from this point of view seriously changes everything. From this presumption or idea, science operates from the theory of chaos. Humans are mistakes, not miraculous mysteries of intelligent design. The earth nothing more than colliding forces, not carefully planned symbiosis.

The lie of atheistic science permeates our culture so much so that we make choices, unaware.

Half-Truth: Science heals.

Sometimes yes. It can even save lives or at least prolong them. Science provides morphine for pain, plates and pins for a shattered wrist and organ transplants.

Sometimes, no, it just makes us sicker. Most prescription drugs manage symptoms. They do not heal or even address the body’s underlying dysfunction. All prescription drugs taken as recommended by a doctor, come with side effects. Often, we are just trading a misery causing symptom for a less intrusive symptom. Sometimes we find those prescription drugs cause a violent reaction and some on rare occasion cause death. The FDA reports that in 2014, 123,927 deaths could possibly be linked to the use of a prescription drug.

Isn’t it better to prevent illness than rely on science for a pill?

Half-Truth: Science is necessary to feed the world.

Yes GMO corn is feeding us all. Why are we living off corn? I’m confused, spinach and tomatoes won’t grow on the earth anymore? Everyone is vegan now?

Yes commercial farms produce large quantities of food that are shipped to starving people in 3rd world countries. Then, …a warlord steals that food and feeds his child army.

Not long ago, humans specialized in a craft. The craft of gardening, herbalism, fermenting and preserving foods, bread making, cheese making, created all kinds of amazing goods that humans could trade. Shocking that we don’t need a factory to make bread.

Lie: We all need science to survive.

Commercialism and materialism have convinced us we need things we really don’t. A pizza commercial sparks a need for pizza, yet that need wasn’t there 5 seconds ago. A flyer arrives at your house displaying the newest refrigerator. Humans once survived without refrigerators. Yes it’s convenient, but we won’t die without one.

Lie: What science provides is better than what the earth provides.

I could easily write an entire post about how jacked up this idea is, but I’ll stick to food and health. Science calls a bag of refined, bleached flour, food. Eating it will likely cause inflammation but won’t make you sick right away, not my definition of food. My definition of food is healing and nourishing. I don’t need science to have dinner…and neither do you.


The Truth remains. Our Creator loves us, evidenced by the amazing abundance and variety we find on the earth, and the miracle of the human body. Take a moment. Step outside. Take in all of God’s goodness. Then smile. God loves you.

4 thoughts on “Half Truths and Downright Lies

    1. dana Post author

      You’d think as Christians we would have learned more from the Israelites. But Jesus tells us to be the salt of the earth. And I have to say, sea salt makes even broccoli taste better! So how much more could we change the world if we truly were the salt of the earth?

  1. Shannon

    Love this Dana. Very convicting. “The world” has made thing very convenient and fast for it’s people. I think that’s why people make the choices they do…because it’s fast, easy and convenient. They don’t want to have to think too much about it themselves if someone else says they have the answer already for them. Know what I mean? I believe once people realize that “real food” can be just as fast, easy and convenient, they will slowly make changes but mass marketing is going to try and squash that as much as they can, I’m afraid. I am encouraged by the progress though…think about where we were just 10 short years ago, ‘organic’ was only a word weird, tree-hugger hippies used. 😉

    1. dana Post author

      When we are busy and tired sometimes we need convenience. I can relate. I agree that we use it as a crutch the rest of the time. I’m surely guilty of that. Eating healthy should be the norm because it is a necessity.
      Thanks for your input!

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