Half Alive Half Dead is NOT the New Normal

I challenge the 21st Century’s definition of “normal”. You ask someone how they are doing and they say, “I’m fine,” or “I’m okay.” Are we really okay?! No way we aren’t! Why in the world are we all accepting the low standard of “okay” anyway? I don’t know about you, but I want to be great, outstanding, ready to conquer the world…or maybe just my sphere of influence. Baby steps.

Regardless, let’s aim higher than “okay”. Let’s aim for a healthy body, mind and soul!

I see tired, weary moms desperate for a nap and maybe a friend. No joke, I can’t think of one adult I know who doesn’t have a health issue. Whether cancer, depression, or fatigue, it’s seemingly unending! So many times these illnesses impact us mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

I spiraled downward and found the bottom: physical debilitation, mental and emotional defeat and spiritual emptiness. But, that was my journey not my destination. It doesn’t have to be your final destination either! God has such great plans for each of us. Let’s ready ourselves for kingdom work!

Shed the status quo of “okay”. Embrace a new normal, a healthy normal.

Half Alive

On a good day three years ago, I would lie in bed for 12 hours, some nights I slept, some nights I did not. But every morning my eyes would burn and exhaustion weighed me down. Many nights I woke up starving, though I had dinner that evening before bedtime. Protein always had to be kept by my bed because my blood sugar fluctuated wildly.

Rolling out of bed sometime after 9am, nowhere near rested and refreshed, I’d stagger to the kitchen for the call of food was desperate and precarious. In an effort not to throw up, pass out and calm the migraine creeping into my temple, the first breakfast made was mine. That’s why a cabinet was always stocked full of boxed snacks my kid could reach.

The rest of my day was a fog. My ability to remember anything and process information proved limited. I’d walk into a room and have no idea why I walked into it. I couldn’t do more than one thing at a time, which is why dinner was never planned. I couldn’t stand for long periods so meals had to be quick. We ate out often. I lived minute by minute.

Fatigue was my constant companion, depression my sidekick. Even if I could think well enough to plan…anything, I lacked the energy. Most of my day was spent on the couch resting. I struggled with deep depression. My momentum died. My day resulted in much of nothing.

Every evening I fell into bed before 9 o’clock. Thrashing and desperate for rest, it took me an hour to fall asleep. Then it all started over again.

Half Dead

On a bad day three years ago, I would lie in bed for 12 hours sleeping little. If I somehow slept through my blood sugar drop, I would eventually wake early in the morning with a migraine and nausea, which had to be medicated. If it wasn’t, we were all going for a ride to the Emergency Room. ER visits comprised of me waiting for the nurse to call my name while I sat in still silence and excruciating pain.

Medication mostly worked enough to avoid the ER but not enough to make picking my head up off the pillow possible. Light, sound and warmth made my pain intensify. So heading to the kitchen for food multiplied my misery. My son would check on me sometimes, bringing food and milk. My husband would usually get take-out or pizza for our son and himself.

The whole day would be a loss because of the migraine. But I was grateful not to be in so much pain I was begging for that ER trip.

Depression came and went. When it did arrive, it turned me into a lethargic, apathetic zombie. After breakfast during the days I was depressed, the couch called me. I consumed the television but not any food. My heart ached with guilt because I knew I was an awful mother. My soul ached because part of me felt dead…defeated…useless.

The New Normal

Today, my life is totally different. I woke up at 7:30am … refreshed. Before 12:30pm I accomplished the following: breakfast, short devotion, shower & make-up, started a pot of homemade chicken broth, started the crockpot for pulled pork, chopped veggies, made spaghetti while giving my kid a short grammar lesson, made venison and veggie hash and washed dishes.

My whole life I’ve been considered lazy and sickly. In reality my diet, unhealthy microbiome, and malnourished body, mind and soul stole my life.

I’ve made an incredible number of changes. A positive change in one area of my life impacted another in a positive way. Daily improvements create a ripple effect.

Maybe you feel great in every way. But I know many moms who don’t. They suffer in some area of their life whether physical, emotional or spiritual. I suffered in all of these areas and I’m going to share with you how I got to where I am today.

Here’s the best part of what I will be sharing with you. You don’t need to join a gym or a weight loss club. You don’t need expensive, side-effect riddled drugs. You don’t need to drag yourself to doctor after doctor, who tells you there is nothing wrong, or misdiagnoses you and prescribes pills you don’t need.

You have the power to improve the way you feel every day, it will be a journey worth the effort.

Are you ready to create a new, better normal?! Interested in being more than “okay”?

Challenge #1

Count the sugar you consume each day for one week. Easiest homework you ever had. Just get a notepad and pencil, and then flip over the box or container you’re eating out of and note the serving size and the corresponding amount of sugar. Write it down. If you eat fruit, Google “sugar content of fruit”, and a USDA box pops up. Select your fruit and record the sugar you ate.

Next week you’ll see why this challenge was so important.

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