Five Minute Friday: Safe

I’m joining Kate Motaung and other writers for Five Minute Friday! Using a one-word prompt, I write for 5 minutes. The marks // denote the beginning and ending of 5 minutes. Visit other writers for Five Minute Friday here.


// Safe means something different to everyone. Safe in baseball means you can’t be tagged out. Some colleges have “space spaces” so students can pet puppies and blow bubbles after earning a B minus. There’s a Safety in football, but I have no idea what that guy does.

In the context of Christianity, what does safe mean? Was Jesus safe? Are we safe? Should we want to be? I think we can all agree we’d like our families to be safe from the beating and horrific death our Savior endured, but without it we’d all be lost.

What’s considered safe is often not where Christians belong. To step out in faith means we take risks. Tithing can make us feel unsafe, but that’s the point.// Obediently following the leading of the Holy Spirit sends us out of our comfort zones. God calls us to take on more responsibility but we hesitate because we know it will put a strain in our schedules. That unknown place – which feels unsafe – is really God’s way of opening and closing doors, changing our priorities and changing us.

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Admittedly I don’t like the unsafe. I want the cozy, snuggly, safe place of the status quo. Everything is under control. The things God asks me to do make me want to burrow under the covers. But I don’t grow buried in the cozy. I grow in the hard places that feel unsafe.

What if we all got rid of the “safe spaces” we build for ourselves and our families? As Christ followers, we need to step out into the unknown, scary places to change ourselves and change the world. Christians don’t need safe according to the world’s definition. God’s plan for each of our lives will indeed feel unsafe, but if we are on the path in which He placed us, safe is exactly what we are.

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