Five Minute Friday: Weak

I’m joining Kate Motaung and other writers for Five Minute Friday! Using a one-word prompt, I write for 5 minutes. The marks // denote the beginning and ending of 5 minutes. Visit other writers for Five Minute Friday here.

My Weakness

// Gut me like a pumpkin, taking out the gunk and filling me with light. No more do I want to live as I once did…broken. I thought I was strong but I was weak, and now in my weakness I have found immeasurable joy, peace, courage and strength! How great is thy faithfulness! Morning to morning new mercies I see!!!

To deny my weakness is to deny the power of God. Dig deep into my heart Lord and find all my weaknesses. Cut them out with a scalpel and replace those sinful places with your strength and power. Make me truly whole. Make me a light that shines among men that they might see Your Glory knowing my weakness. Shout to the world in Your Name that if such a wretched soul as I could live a fruitful life of any measure that all things are indeed possible through You. I count it all joy that I am weak for how could I have known you like I do? How could I surrender my desires and be blessed for doing it? //

My weaknesses separated me from You as I deceived myself into thinking I wasn’t. But behold I am free! My weakness has become Your trumpet and smashed jars to an Enemy that once used my weaknesses against me.

Your Victory is mine as the Enemy finds no weakness in me You cannot fill with Your mightiness! Click To Tweet

I conquer because You have made me a conqueror despite my weakness. Glory to God in the highest for all of me is Yours and I LIVE because of it. Never will I return to the awful place of defeat the Enemy relishes drowning me in.

I give all my weakness and sin to You at the cross, all that I am and all I am meant to be. May my weak cup always overflow with Your goodness and mercy all the days of my life!

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