Five Minute Friday: Breathe

I’m joining Kate Motaung and other writers for Five Minute Friday! Using a one-word prompt, I write for 5 minutes. The marks // denote the beginning and ending of 5 minutes. Visit other writers for Five Minute Friday here.



Focused on my agenda, I miss moments. My have-to’s and need-to’s cram my planner. Time was carved out to take a deep breathe but I deemed it less important. By the end of the day I’m sorry I didn’t take it.

Why won’t I stop and breathe?

//Breathing. I love doing it. Learning to take deep breathes practicing yoga has taught me to really be attune with my body. Practicing full breathes that widen the ribs and open my abandon brings me deep relaxation.

I don’t like being rushed or being in a rush. There’s something freeing about taking in the moments, pausing in my day. Yoga breathing even helps to clear my head. I think better when I really breathe and pause. Stress can be combatted with each breathe. It forces me to stop and think, why am I stressing? What’s really going on in my head? Is this even worth stressing over?

Busyness and a packed schedule can keep me from breathing with intention. // The frantic day I create causes me stress. My day becomes more and more stressful as I race to the end trying to add as much as I can in my cart of productivity.

We need to stop the madness. Stop the agenda that steals our peace and joy. No more racing to the end of the day for the sake of things that only we deem important.

There’s something wonderful about the awesome gift of space in your day to just breathe, this is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it.

Let’s breathe and give God our day.

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