The First Super, Simple Step to Health & Wellness: Water Intake

Our first Super, Simple Step to Health and Wellness is…water.

Awww, come on! Water?!

Yes! Water is crucial to your, and your family’s, health.

Here’s a few reasons why you need Water

  1. The First Super, Simple Step to Health & Wellness: Water75%-85%: Your brain requires the most water of any other organ. If you’re struggling with brain fog or your kids can’t focus, maybe you and the kids are dehydrated.
  2. Priorities: The human body prioritizes the use of water. First water is sent to the organs necessary for life, like the kidneys, brain, and cardiovascular system.  Next it goes to secondary systems like digestion and skin.  If you find your eyes or skin are dry or your joints are stiff, consider that you may not be drinking enough water.  The same is true when you have a lack of adequate bathroom activity.  Elimination is a huge detox process.
  3. Transportation: Our bodily fluids consist of water: blood, lymph, tissues, organs, and theThe First Super, Simple Step to Health & Wellness: Waterfluid around your cells and inside of your cells. The necessary bodily functions of transporting nutrients (oxygen, vitamins, etc.) and eliminating wastes (carbon dioxide, toxins, etc.) from our cells, requires water.


How Much Water?

Water intake is based on your weight.  The human body needs 60% of its weight in ounces of water.  Here’s a simple formula.  Your weight multiplied by 0.6 equals water needed each day in ounces.  So, a 100 lb. person needs 60 ounces of water each day.

If you live in the Sauna of the South, or other high temperature areas, drink more.  When you exercise and sweat (which are forms of detoxifying), drink more.

Please be advised: That can of soda or energy drink does NOT count!

 Your body needs a balance of water and salt.  Sodas and energy drinks are full of sodium.  Sodium chloride to be exact, which by the way, is NOT the “salt” your body needs. Sea salt is the balanced salt we all need, because it contains trace minerals. Table salt, or sodium chloride, does not!

 Your Super, Simple Goal 

Multiply your body weight by 0.6, and then drink that number in ounces of water today. I told you this would be easy.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Set an Alarm: Using your smart phone or tablet, set an alarm to remind you to drink water. Set alarms to go off during non-meal times.  I’ve tried this method before.  My iPad has actually trained me to do all sorts of things at different times of the day! Try to make it fun.


Commercial Themed Alarms:

SciFi Themed Alarms:
10am: “The best part of waking up, is water in your cup!”

3pm: “Like a good neighbor, water is there.”

8pm: “Water! Fresh and full of life!” (remember Mentos?)

10am: “Water detected nearby. Engage.”

3pm: “Drink water or do not drink water.  There is no try!”

8pm: “Core Temperature Overload, Obtain Water.”


  • Visual and/or kinetic learners: Fill the jug you probably just make sweet tea in and instead fill it with your required amount of water. Place it on the kitchen table or any other place you frequent often.  From this jug, fill your water bottle all day.  This gives you a great visual of how much water you’re drinking.
  • Flavor it: Maybe you just don’t like water. So flavor it!
    1. Cucumbers (leave the peel on, slice and add)
    2. Lemons, Limes, and/or Oranges (or just the rinds, this is where the essential oils of citrus are located)
    3. Peppermint, spearmint, or chocolate peppermint leaves (yes, that’s a thing!)

If you are feeling spunky, you can try the…


Multiply your kids’ body weight by 0.6, and then have them drink that number in ounces of water today.


If you’d like some help being accountable for your water intake this week, and/or want some encouragement, be sure to join the Mom, Be Well Accountability Group on my Facebook page here. Making changes is always easier with caring, inspiring support!

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Share your thoughts on water in the comments below, love it or hate it?

6 thoughts on “The First Super, Simple Step to Health & Wellness: Water Intake

  1. Carolyn

    Hi Dana. Thanks for that simple approach. Looks like I stay about 40% hydrated. I like the tea pitcher approach. It is so easy to forget how many times I have refilled my bottle!

  2. Heather

    Such great tips! I have a hard time drinking enough in the colder months, but I do tend to consume more when I use a straw in my water bottle or large mason jar. 😉 It works for my boys too!

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