English Lessons by Andrea Lucado

English Lessons, by Andrea Lucado, reveals the faith struggle of a young woman in her twenties. Andrea steps out of her comfort zone in Texas for the sake of adventure and English Literature. Feeling brave and timid, she writes, “…you know the path that you cannot see is the best possible path for you to be on.”

Andrea conveys her story through a series of stream-of-consciousness, past and present events. Her past prepared her, and didn’t. Her present might change her future. “We should never assume we have ‘arrived’. Because the moment we do, something happens that we didn’t expect or don’t understand, and we are flattened by the reality of our lack of knowledge once again.”

Life seems simple and straightforward when we are young adults. But quickly Andrea discovers otherwise. Her adventure to one of the oldest institutions leads her to more questions than literature could ever reveal. The history and people perhaps change her. The looming question that begins to grow is whether it all changes her faith in God. Whether she attends services at St. Aldate’s, or the Oxford Atheist Society meetings, her questions remain.

Will she find her way in a foreign land, literally and spiritually?

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.

English Lessons by Andrea Lucado

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