The Simplicity of Holistic Health

Did Adam and Eve need scientists, nutritionists, government agencies, food marketers, pharmaceutical companies, media and self-help books?


You say Adam and Eve didn’t have all those experts? How ever did they survive?!

So no expert, agency or company did any of the following for them?

  • told them what to eat
  • made them pre-packaged food
  • created food guidelines
  • approved unpronounceable chemical additives for food and cosmetic use
  • provided them with the latest statin drug
  • produced media to inform them what to think, say and do
  • wrote books on what to do with their feelings or how to raise their kids (no self-help book would have kept Cain from killing Abel, it’s called sin)

What about the Israelites? Did they need those experts? Nope. God gave them the Law. The Law provided for their health – body, mind and soul.

Fast forward to the 21st Century.

We need the same things Adam and Eve needed.

What does that look like? A bunch of rules? No way! I hate rules.

We have the Word of God that provides Truth. We have the Holy Spirit for discernment and guidance. Jesus fulfilled the Law so all who follow Him are free.

Here are the GUIDELINES I apply to my life daily to achieve holistic health:

Body (Gen. 1:11-13, 28-29)

  1. Eat plenty of God’s 3rd day goodness.
    My body is a vessel for the Holy Spirit. A temple of God. I wouldn’t drag our garbage can into the sanctuary of our church and dump it out! So why would I treat my body that way? The Garden of Eden wasn’t full of Big Macs, donuts and soda.
  2. If I wouldn’t drink it, I don’t put it on my skin.
    The skin drinks up what is slathered on it. Minerals and plant compounds are what my skin needs, not weird chemicals.
  3. My body is made for work.
    It was not made to be in a seated position for long hours.

Mind (Eph. 4:15, Phil. 4:8, 1 Pet. 4:10)

  1. Be discerning about WHAT is poured into my mind.
    Start my day with The Word. Be careful about the media that fills my head space. Never underestimate how Satan can creep into my mind.
  2. Be discerning about WHO is pouring into my mind.
    My family, friends, and neighbors can affect how I think. Do they speak the truth in love?
  3. Feed my mind.
    Spiritual gifts must be practiced and improved. For instance, God has called me to homeschool, but I don’t remember how to divide fractions. Time for me to learn something!

Soul (Psalm 119, Matt. 4:4, Gal. 5:25)

  1. Nourish my soul.
    Nourish it with The Word, prayer, Bible study and Biblical family and friends.
  2. Fill my soul.
    Allow my soul to be filled with the Holy Spirit and not consumed by fleshly desires.

By what guidelines do you live? More importantly, who created them?

Make intentional choices in every area of your life, being sure they are grounded in truth.

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